Undeletable Comment Facebook (Duplicate)

On October 8, 2019, it was a day of Dashain I was enjoying my day. I was in my maternal uncle house using facebook randomly watching newsfeed and suddenly I got a notification from facebook that someone comment on my page post. I check the notification and see the comment. The comment was of someone website so think to delete that and the most interesting thing comes now. The best part is I was using facebook lite at that time and when I tried to delete the comment I got an error I thought that is because of slow internet connection so I ignored it and tried again after few minutes and again I was having a problem deleting that comment so this time I read the pop-up error and I was able to know that this is app issue so suddenly I created a new account and tried same things again and I was successful. First I created a new page and published a post from the page.

After that, I comment on that post.

I figure out the issue and reported it around 6 pm and after that, I got the reply from Facebook after 3 days on October 10 that they were able to reproduce the bug.

After the first reply, they again reply to me on October 11 morning like my report got duplicate and they closed my report.

Though I didn’t receive any bounty I thought it will be good if I share my finding to you all. Thanks for reading all till last. This is my secondwrite-up on such topic so there may be some mistakes so I am sorry for those silly mistakes.

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